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Sharpe's Revenge
Sharpe's Revenge - Starring Sean Bean
sharpe's revenge

Toulouse - April 1814

The Peninsula war is finally over for Britain and its allies, but the action does not end here for Sharpe. He is set up once again by his long-time enemy, the French spy Ducos, and finds himself accused of stealing Napoleon’s priceless treasures. Having been abandoned by his beautiful wife Jane, who returns to England, and persecuted by both the British and French, Sharpe boldly goes in search of both truth and revenge, embarking on a perilous journey across post-war France with the help of his loyal friends Frederickson and Harper.


Directed by Tom Clegg
Written by Eoghan Harris from the novel by Bernard Cornwell
Starring Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe and Daragh O’Malley as Patrick Harper

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