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Sharpe's Challenge
Sharpe's Challenge - Starring Sean Bean
  Behind the Camera
The Producer: Muir Sutherland
the producer: muir sutherland
“We believe that Sharpe’s
Challenge will be one
of the most exciting
Sharpe’s of all time.

Producer Muir Sutherland says, "After nine years it was good to reunite the Sharpe team for our Indian shoot. After filming in Ukraine, Portugal and Turkey, India was an exciting place to make the 2006 Sharpe. The exotic locations, an excellent local crew, and India's warm welcome, was something that we will all remember for a very long time.

“Filming in India gave us the opportunity to make Sharpe look as big as a feature film. Set in an exotic background of fortresses and palaces, with a strong cast we believe that Sharpe's Challenge will be one of the most exciting Sharpes of all time.”

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